January 27, 2014

Writers Need a Day Job

Dear M,

Do you know why we writers should have a day job? Yes, writing does not offer you enough money to make ends meet, etc. etc., we all know that drill. But having a job which is (or not) related to writing could serve two purposes. Well, not always, but it does not hurt to see the bright side.

One is the much required break from writing. Even if we curse our job, it offers a clearer view when we get back to writing. While we write, we keep ourselves focussed on the task at hand, and we fail to see the macro view. The break sheds some light in the dark corners. Who knows, we may even find some interesting stories from our work place.

The second advantage, and this comes only to the luckier ones especially in India, are the words that get thrown around by your co-workers. I can narrate so many instances when words tossed casually by someone during a chat or a formal meeting came back to me while writing - even if they were common words, they would elude us when we need them. But hearing it from others is like a blessing, it will wander somewhere in the conscious section of our memory, and spring to our fingertips at the right time. If not, we will end up wallowing for hours in the thesaurus and still not come up with the perfect word.

So you see? Even if you have a job that is no fun, don't worry. It will only enhance the writer in you.


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1 comment :

  1. I can relate with this. Common occurrences are highlighted when I sit to write. Words unknown come to the tongue and bring out the wordsmith.