January 9, 2014

Leave Arranging for the End

Dear M,

I have been working on something for the past week - no, I am not talking about writing-work, I am talking about work-work. So this work involves a lot of research and gathering of info and arranging them. Everything is available, in different forms. I get them if I open a document or call someone up. My job was to collect all that was required and get them into some order.

I spent two days thinking about how to arrange them. It is true that I got a fair idea about it just by thinking. But when I started doing, I began to face obstacles. On the third day, I let the arrangement go - and I began to just dump what I had into a "work-area". Imagine a lot of crumbled paper lying on the floor around you.

Once I had most of them in whatever format in front of me, picking them up and arranging was (or seemed) easier.

I am sure you are clever enough to know what I am arriving at. No matter how much time you spend thinking about all the wonderful things you want to write, when you actually start writing, it is a whole new ball game. Thinking is a very good preparation indeed, but if that's all you do, how will you ever get anywhere? The best way is to just write what you have in mind as it comes out, and worry about ordering and arranging them, later.


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