January 16, 2014

Write Like There's No Tomorrow

Dear M,

Frankly, what do we know about tomorrow? Does it exist for us at all? We don't know what it has in store for us. Better get our writing out there before it decides not to come.

If we postpone for tomorrow, we may never get a chance. And our masterpiece never became a masterpiece because we had left it uncreated in our mind, waiting for a day that had no intention of arriving.

Write like there is no day, no night; write like there is no one to ever read; write like it does not matter what you write or think; write like you are the best author of all times; write like you are a five year old picking at alphabets.

It is better to write like a five year old than not write at all. It is better to die writing than to die regretting the thousand words that could have been written.

If you are a writer, write to prove yourself.


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  1. LOVE this post!!! It hit me. Thanks. So happy I found your blog:-) :-)