January 14, 2014

The Next Big Thing

Dear M,

Why would anyone believe in something they create? Like, say, a new product? The easiest, most thoughtless answer is, they are looking at the money it brings. A person who wrote a book very similar to Chetan Bhagat. He/She thought he/she had a good story to tell. He/She thought people who like Bhagat would like it. True, he/she was inspired by him. But for the reader, it is "Bhagat-inspired-attempt-at-making-money." Seriously. People say that casually, people who haven't written a word in their life.

Money is attractive of course, but we all know it does not come easy. We envision this product (any product, this is not necessarily about writing) and we think, this might work. People might find this useful. If this clicks, it could make people's lives easier.

If people start using it (the product, whatever it is), and if it does make their lives easier, the thought creeps into our mind - it's my product. I am the person behind it. It was my idea. I think that feeling is worth more than what a few thousand dollars could bring.

It is this feeling that we seek, every day. We bring people together to make a product happen, this idea to take shape, this innovative "next big thing" to take the world by storm.


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