January 29, 2014

Of Art and Spirituality

Dear M,

If art doesn't make you spiritual, I don't know what will.

Much of what art involves, is timing. Definitely, talent, skill, learning and the ability to work hard are required, of course. But once your part is done, the most painful part is waiting. You're waiting for your work to get somewhere. And you don't know when, where or how it is going to happen. (You desist from imagining that it will not happen.)

And when you wait - and wait and wait and wait - you tend to hover dangerously close to the edge of giving up, and then you begin to think, God, (or Universe or Nature or Planet Earth, whatever gives you strength) how much longer? Give me courage to not give up now that I have come this far.

And in my journey I have been tempted to believe heavily that there is a time and place for everything. That's what I have seen. Things will happen at a snail's pace, but they will, at their own time. People are involved at every stage. They may have difficulties, issues, things that keep them from getting to us, making our world revolve again.

There is no use our getting impatient, or even giving up. Oh yes, I did give up on waiting once. And then it came back to me after I had moved on. We need to learn to wait (or not lose hope even after we have moved on!), and for that, we need a lot of courage. When we do not have it in abundance, or what we have begins to dwindle, we look for sources of strength. Desperately.

Because losing never got us anywhere.


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  1. Yeah, waiting is difficult, especially when time is bad & we can lose ourselves which can cost us more than waiting.. We can make wrong decisions...

  2. Beautiful post:-) I also believe there is a time and place for everything!:-)