January 8, 2014

Here, you are all alone.

Dear M,

When you are working for someone, there will be (most of the time) a next level or a peer person who can review or approve your work, or someone to whom you can talk about the business. This could be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you see it.

In novel-writing, the next level person is either the editor or the agent or the publisher. Not the same, eh? Even if you ask a friend or spouse to read it, they are merely the readers, the consumers. Those people are like your first beta testing customers - they reject you or accept you (or politely report a lot of issues). They are not your partners in business. They are (often) not the people to whom you say, Why don't we try this?

Which means, you are pretty much on your own: the decisions, the execution, the verification, the review, the rework, all are your own. You are the boss, the employee, the builder, the verifier, the first user. You are building a product all on your own - not knowing if the market wants it, not knowing if there is anyone out there who would be interested, not knowing the ABCs of business mathematics. You're the winner if it catches, you're the loser if it tanks. You're the one everyone applauds, you're the one everyone ignores.

Wow, if that doesn't sound lonely enough.


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