January 30, 2014

The Roles We Play...

Dear M,

Have you any idea how many books come out every year? Or films, perhaps?

Any idea how many books a person can write in a year? (Let's assume we are talking only about novels.) Or, how many films an actor can act in, in a year? There are so many "prolific" writers who churn out a few number of books a year - whereas we take three years to finish one!

No wonder then that others expect us to bring out books after books as though we are issuing newspapers. Oh, are you writing? So, have you published anything after that? 
And you go, Uh-Bah-Blah-Hmm-Err-
In literary circles they call it speechless or dumbfounded or something similar. As though your tongue has been plucked out. You suddenly stand there wondering where you must have misplaced your tongue.

We know that question's coming - we can hear and smell it from afar. We scurry to change the topic, introduce new topics of conversation, anything to veer it off the obvious and heart-breaking direction.

Talk about the roles each one of us has to play to get through in life!


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