January 15, 2014

The Writer's Philosophy Comes at its Own Time

Dear M,

We pile everything we have into our story. Can't help; that's how we are. We have a bulk of knowledge that we wish to share. We have formed our own life's philosophy. We have our own views. And we tell it to the world using our medium of communication - our story. Our characters are living the life we envision.

We throw rocks and stones at them, we force them out of their comfort zones; we bring them to the crossroads and wait to see what they will do. We know what they should, but we don't know if they would choose that path. Their choice would depend on what we have built up so far. Would he break down and lose courage and turn and run away? Or would he close his eyes and dart forward into the dark oblivion?

Whatever he chooses, the action means something - it tries to speak the message, it tries to convey a philosophy.

I found that when I write the story the first time, putting the sequence of scenes together, none of this comes to my mind. I just write what happened. The philosophy emerges a little later. Sometimes after the whole story is written. A few weeks later. The scenes come back. What was I trying to say there? She was behaving just as we do every day in life - lost and wandering, in a general direction, north by north-west, because that's where she figured she was destined to be, waving down whatever vehicle that came her way, getting down where she thought she was closest to it. The lesson had to be brought out there. But it would not come with the scene, though it is always in our mind and it is the philosophy we live by and it is the theme we are trying to convey with this story; it would surface much later.

I am finding my little snippets of philosophy in my writing now, in a novel I wrote three years ago. Yes, it took me three years to bring out the message. It is about time, I suppose.


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  1. Most of the times, it comes when the chips are down or when we are depressed because of bad day..