October 29, 2013

Writing is like getting drunk

Dear M,

There's this joke I heard recently - "I get drunk when I am sad, I get drunk when I want to celebrate, I get drunk when I am bored, I get drunk when I have no reason, I get drunk when I want to get drunk."

Writing is like that to me. I don't need a reason to write. I want to write when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am bored, when I have nothing to do, and when I want to. It gives me a high. This might sound ridiculous to a person who hasn't experienced it, but the moment I start writing or thinking about what I had been writing, my mood changes, my spirits rise - in an instant, almost the way alcohol does.

A few days ago, all the efforts I had been putting on began to overwhelm me. Once it starts, it is like an avalanche, there is no stopping it. It gathers more and more as it rolls down until it is as huge as a mountain and plasters everything its path. I didn't know what to do. It is easy to become negative. Reversing the effect is hard work. Besides, people would not understand what you're so miserable about. They'll ask (sometimes rather sarcastically) "who has turned the switch on??" It's so sudden, and so inexplicable, and worse, there is nothing new - it is the same old miseries again.

I turned to writing - I was supposed to be doing something else, but I announced rather rudely that I wasn't doing it now. Then I opened my manuscript, the one I was editing and almost instantly, believe it or not, I began to feel better. I had written this. This is so beautiful (excuse me, but I often find my own writing beautiful when I read it after a while, and I like that feeling, it brings so much energy and motivation). Finishing something as small and simple as this blog would give me the much-required peace of mind too.

If all the drunkards in this world could turn to writing to get the same high, there would be no alcohol-addiction-related problems. Not that I would recommend that, but yeah, it sounds nice doesn't it?


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  1. Yess.. writing is something like this me too.. It gives me a High too.. I guess passion for writing does that to us ;)

  2. The problem with drunkards is that quite many of them are illiterate and so they can't follow your advice to turn to writing :)

    1. LOL, and we also know that even if they hear this advice, they won't follow it! :)