October 30, 2013

We shine through our writing

Dear M,

We do not realise how much our writing speaks to the readers. Who we are shines clearly through our words. We cannot write about anything without the reader being able to piece bits of us together.

I don't mean we can read between J.K. Rowling's lines and conclude that she is a witch. But our attitude towards things, our behaviour and thought process are clearly displayed before the reader as though we have spread them out on the ground like vegetables in a market. It seems obvious, doesn't it?

We may write about things we are not familiar with, or we may create characters who are so opposite from us, or we may write about people reacting in ways we have never faced, but deep within, there is an undercurrent, a thread, call it what you will, that is our own philosophy, our own individuality. Every reader senses it, every reader feels it. The more we read a particular author, the more we begin to understand them, if we pay attention. Or we could just read through and forget about everything.

The thread that seeps through our writing, that's our strength, that's our weapon. That's the tool we use to define our writing, to define our themes, to define our stories, to define ourselves.


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