October 11, 2013

Writing about childhood

Dear M,

It's almost every writer's dream to write about his/her childhood.

But it is not as easy as it seems. We want to make it special, we want the readers to get the same feeling as we did experiencing it. The rustle of the wind, the early morning sounds of birds and insects, morning tunes in All India Radio, the gush of the river, the old fashioned routines and superstitions of our grandparents, our friends and their quirks, the fun and games, the prayers, our first crush, watching the stars in the night, a dip in the cool river, boring homework - we want to record everything about childhood just as they exist in our heart.

Who knows, we may forget the details one day and we would want to relive the memories through our own writing. There is also the risk that the coming generations would not see the world the way we did, and to them this will be an interesting perspective.

But most of all, we wish to write about childhood because it gives us joy just to remember those days. Deep inside, we regret that those days are over, and today they seem brighter than they actually were. We wish to bring them to life again, and in that process transfer some of that emotion to the reader as well. We wish to spread the epidemic of nostalgia.

In some inexplicable way, we are also afraid that we may not have many of those happy days left to us.


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1 comment :

  1. Indeed true that..Childhood memories are the best thing we have