October 26, 2013

Take a break!

Dear M,

When do we take a break? We seem to be working all the time. I mean, everyone in this world. Everyone's busy. All the time.

Either they are working to earn their income, or they are working to earn some extra income, or they are working on their passion, or they are working to have some fun or they are working to teach their children or they are working to put some food on the table, or they are working to enjoy their vacation.

When do we relax?

I asked myself this question because that was what I caught myself doing in the past few days. I was working all the time, on something or the other. When I stopped, I fell asleep as though I had been knocked unconscious. For two or three solid hours. That's a long sleep, during the day. I never used to sleep like that. I felt that I needed a break. And I asked myself, what did I want to do when I took a break - what does it mean when I say I am taking a break? A vacation? I usually am tired for two days after I take a good vacation!

I have no clue. But I think the answer does lie in my questions above. Everything that breaks us away from routine is a healthy break, even if it tires us to our bones. Go mountain climbing, get exhausted and fall asleep for a week, whatever - just go away for a while, without thinking about the routines. It's not possible to cut ourselves away from the world (though some people manage to do that) but it is possible to say I am on vacation, I will check when I get back.

As a writer, we feel an urge to write every day. Otherwise, we fear that we will not be as good as those who write every day. We will lag behind, we will take more time. It is not easy to cut ourselves away and enjoy a vacation - we are tempted to grab a couple of papers and make notes (discreetly of course). The world isn't what it was, and we should make the best out of what we have.

I am going to finish a major project in a week's time and I am going to take a vacation. (I know it isn't going to happen, but it is nice to pretend as if it will.)


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