October 24, 2013

Only an artist can understand another's pain

Dear M,

Only a creative artist can understand another's pain. For others it could be insignificant, irrelevant, unimportant or even funny.

You can spot a creative person - a painter, a writer, a musician, a film-maker, a playwright, or anyone - in most stories you read or movies you watch, sometimes in a comic role, sometimes in a significant role, struggling with his creativity, trying to elicit a few claps of appreciation from his critics (and generally eliciting laughter instead). 

But even when we laugh, we, the ones who know what struggle is like, feel a tinge of pain for him/her, our smile is a smile of compassion, of understanding, of sympathy, and our heart whispers to the fictional character that it's all going to be fine, don't give up. The struggle is unfair, but it will only make you better with each passing day. Trust me. I can see your passion; you have it in you. Your talent needs polishing, polish it. Your skill needs hardwork, work hard. Your efforts need persistence, persist. Fight all odds. Believe in yourself. It can only make you stronger. Don't leave things to God. He is supporting you in the fight, He is the energy that drives you. He will not throw you across that last chasm, you need to jump. And you will get to the other side, because you can. Because you had struggled so hard. There is no other way.

We say (or think) all this even after the movie is over and the people have packed up and gone, and the actor is relaxing at his comfortable home. The struggling character remains in our hearts because we are he. We were, and we will always be.


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