February 20, 2014

Write for... whom?

Dear M,

Again, the same advice in another of those sites. They all say it so it must be true. (Probably explains the reason for my track record too.)

Write for the audience. Seriously? How can I write for the audience? I always write for myself. (Shut up.)

I don't agree, but that's what they all say. There must be something to it. See what the market wants, they say. Give it to them.

That's what some people do, and it works. Some people don't, and that works too. So what works? Wait a minute. There it is - right before me. Write what you think is best. If you believe in writing for others, that's what you do. If you want to write for yourself, that's what you do. Who knows, anyway?


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  1. I agree and it may also depend upon the day or the time. Some days you want to react to others, others day you just wish to talk to your own thoughts ..

    1. Expanding on your comment, I think it also depends on *what* we are writing, we may write some informational articles for others, and some other stuff we write for ourselves.
      Thank you for the comment.