February 28, 2014

Are you a Writer?

Dear M,

You know you're a writer if you get up in the morning, decide that you have a story to tell, put your regular chores and jobs aside, and start writing. All of a sudden, the pending tasks, the deadlines, don't seem important - rather, you feel as though there is all the time in the world to get to those tasks, but your priority today, right now, is your story. It is beautiful, it is inspiring, it is exciting and it is what you want to do.

And, that is the true test of every writer: do you drop everything and jot down your story, at least as much as you can? Or does your "better sense" prevail, and do you sigh and move on to your job, telling yourself that you will get to it when you are free? Not everyone has the luxury to put their tasks aside and take up writing, even if it is for an hour. But if you think about it, there might be an hour in the whole, long day when you can do a bit of writing, at least to give you a sense of achievement, a feeling of satisfaction.

I think we all deserve that one hour of euphoria when we are doing what we are good at, what we love to do, what we want to do.


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  1. U really seen through every ones heart....true that everyone shuld have some time to see what they are up to ...what they really are...

  2. The Choice is with us. When we sit to something, forget the world. Just Focus on it like life 100% :) I am going through a transition as a writer.

  3. Whenever I have told my family that my priorities are different, and all I want to do is write, they feel there's something wrong with me, or I am being very selfish. In fact, I have been told to give up writing entirely and focus on the "more important things" in life. But to tell a writer or any artist to stop following their passion is like stifling them in a very bad way.