December 13, 2013

Who said Writing wasn't Exciting?

Dear M,

Writers could be an unapologetic, manipulative lot. I feel guilty sometimes. I look at people as though they are the raw materials in an experiment I am doing - like some kind of monkeys in labs, with a scientist observing them through thick glasses. Though I do not take immediate notes as the scientist would do, I do observe patterns and then use them later. To be frank, I do note them down too, as soon as I can get to a paper and pen. Of course I cannot do it in front of my victim the way a scientist can do before a monkey.

Observing and jotting down is one thing. Forcing people to respond is quite another. I have done that too. I would say or do something I have planned beforehand, and try to deliver it spontaneously. Okay, my histrionic skills are in question here, but since no one knows I am playing drama, they probably do not notice. Or maybe it is time Bollywood gave me a call.

Most of the time, their reactions are unexpected. (Goes on to show that my initial judgement of the person was flawed.) The script I had prepared flies out the window, then instinct has to take over and clean up the mess that is on the verge of spilling over my life.

And then during some of my reflections, I dwell on the possibility of those people (the very victims of my wild imaginations) being undercover writers themselves, and manipulating and jotting down my movements.

Who said writing wasn't exciting?


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  1. It takes a lot of time and effort to write, and so it is only fair that writing is responded to suitably. Positive comments can help build confidence and create good feeling for the next writing !!!

  2. Nice post..would like you to participate in the PASS contest.
    I have tagged you in a post. Do accept the tag and mention that I tagged you.

  3. There's another thing that some of us feel guilty about. We sometimes eavesdrop (without meaning to) and think if a conversation between strangers could be a possible plot for something we're writing!