December 7, 2013

Take a step back

Dear M,

We all love to believe that the stuff we write at the first attempt is as close to perfection as possible. While it may be true in some cases, there will always be a few tweaks here and there that could improve the text. And if we are focussed on the matter at hand (for instance, the way I am now engrossed in this post), we tend to miss the wider perspective. We know and learn a lot of things in life. But when we write, many of those keep out of our sight. It is not easy to bring them into our vision - if we do not know what we are looking for.

The answer is to never be hasty about our writing. Unless it is something that needs to be submitted in the next five minutes, we should take our time to revisit it - as many times as possible. Any person who has tried his/her hand at writing will know that if we take a break from it and return a little later (sometimes hours later, sometimes days), we always without fail, find something to modify or add to. Take a step back, and look at it again. Fresh images would jump out at you.

And as for the posts in this blog, I write it in the morning so that I can revisit it in the evening before it gets published. There has always been something to change in the text, whenever I do that.


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