December 29, 2013

Book Exhibition

Dear M,

I don't know why I dislike Book Exhibitions (as a reader; of course, as a writer I would find them thrilling, especially if my books are stocked in all the stalls) - there was a time when the very announcement of a book exhibition in my city would throw me into multiple levels of excitement. I suppose it has something to do with the thought that there would be books unseen, books unheard of, books untouched, books unimagined, books I've always wanted to read, books uncreated, books books galore.

Maybe the subsequent book exhibitions I had been to, left me disappointed - the crowd before the popular stalls, the dusty, old books thrown together that made one want to sneeze until eternity, the same old books you have seen in bookshops a million times. The only attraction would be that there would be a discount of ten rupees. As time passed, I decided that I would rather pay the ten rupees. (Okay, I exaggerate. It might be ten percent. But my view still holds.)

It is very, very rare that I pick up a book that is not found in regular bookstores. I know if I explore enough there might be many. And the exhibition is a one-stop shop, instead of meandering from MG Road to Koramangala or from Jaya Nagar to Marathhalli. I am just saying. I've seen people pick up more books than they can carry, their eyes shining, they whole body trembling with excitement, and leave the exhibition grounds.

I believe there was a time when Book Exhibitions meant very rare books would be displayed, the kind you have read about but never had the opportunity to see.

However, for me it has lost its charm. I see a lot of notices of year-end book exhibitions around the country and that's what I feel. Groan. Another book exhibition. Someone wants to clear their old warehouses. 


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  1. Hmm..I always love to visit book fairs..ofcourse to read also :-)