September 27, 2013

The missing detail

Dear M,

All good artists are keen observers of people and things around them. Now that I say it, it sounds very obvious, doesn't it? If you aren't a good observer and you try to create something, it would look wooden, unreal, lifeless. And you would not be able to tell why it looks so.

Even if you are very good at observing and can grasp and retain every smallest detail, you might not be able to represent it in paper the way it had made you feel.

Sometimes, stories (especially those written by newer or inexperienced writers) seem like ice-cold narratives because the detail is missing. No one, not even the reader, would be able to put his finger on what exactly is missing (unless he is a keen observer of stories, of course!!). Also, there is no single, perfect solution for what's missing. When you wish to breathe life into your characters or story, you could do it different ways: you could elaborate and make sure the details are in place, you could narrate in a crisp and concise way and let the reader imagine the detail, or you could do it in a hundred ways I know nothing of. The best way to start is by elaborating, writing everything you see. Sooner or later you will figure out your own method of expressing detail.

Sometimes it strikes a chord with us, the little everyday things that cross our path. In one of the shows I watched recently, there was a child who behaved as a child would, a little restless and demanding, and not perfect and mature like the kids we see in TV shows. It was heart-warming, even if it was a small, insignificant scene in an entire hour-length of the show. It was good to feel that these people did pay some attention to the detail. It made it easier for me to respect the creators of the show.

We all want to fall in love with books, with movies, with shows. No one sits down for a film thinking, "let me see what I can hate in this one!" We look for something to appreciate. When we read a well-researched book, watch a well-made movie, see an interesting show, admire a breath-taking painting, listen to soulful music, we are happy to fall in love with it. That's what attention to detail does: it makes both the connoisseur and the novice fall in love with the creation.


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  1. Indeed so true...Attention to details always makes others fall for our creations..Nice Post