September 23, 2013


Dear M,

Some amount of networking has always existed between people who share the same interests. Though we call it Social Networking these days and mean virtual connections more than real ones, there have been interactions and sharing of thoughts between writers all through history. Without that, we would not grow or develop or even get noticed. If we don't get noticed, however skilled we are, we will be easily overtaken by others who know how to project themselves. If we sit at home and write for ourselves, no one else will see us - obviously.

We all like to believe that others would come hunting for us from across the ocean and from the farthest reaches of the planet because our writing has been so awe-inspiring. This might be true for about one person in ten-thousand. But even for him/her, the first few steps is about getting themselves noticed. Our efforts have to reach people before they notice that we are probably worth noticing. It is an effort in itself.

Have you observed that today everyone on social media is either a writer or a photographer? Everyone shoves themselves forward using all means at their disposal (and those means are endless), eager to be noticed and applauded and appreciated. It does not matter what it takes. It does not matter that the attention we give others is not real; we do it so that they come back and give us some amount of attention. We know quite well that their attention towards us is as fake as ours was to them. But it does not matter. It gives us a false sense of security and satisfaction. On some desolate days, that is all we need.

But it is unfair to say that the attention we give others is always fake. We do hope that in our meanderings across the web, we would come across someone who would be able to help us the way we need to be helped. But a lot of it is a case of you-scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours.

It's our hope that drives us to those extreme measures, it's our dreams, it's our aspirations. No one will deny that it is good to have those.


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