September 9, 2013

Discipline isn't easy during holidays!

Dear M,

So much for discipline! You can just step out the door and glance upwards and you will see my great big theory of discipline flying out the window.

I am one hour late already with this letter - and I have only begun writing it. I should have written it about twelve hours ago. (That's what my discipline dictates.) Well, what do you know - long weekends and festival holidays do that to people. I have always wanted to be true to Hemingway and Stephen King and all others who insist on writing for a certain period of time (or a certain number of words / pages) every day. They lock themselves up and write every day, even on Christmas when their whole clan has gathered. Ordinary folks like us do not have that luxury. If I so much as imagine myself doing that when "vishesh mehman" are at home, I start rolling all around, laughing. No, forget festivals or holidays, I cannot lock myself up if anyone comes, any day. There is no such thing as saying hello and getting back to my writing. But some day, I hope, some day...

In the meantime, it is better to give in quietly because such things do happen - your big plans of writing at a certain time are tossed to the wind because loving relatives choose that time to visit or we are too tired after a hectic week/end. If we try to resist it, we'll only end up more frustrated. And if you are like me, all the pent up frustration escape out elsewhere and the victims are left wounded and scarred. If it is not possible, it is not possible. Live with it. Try to make up for it the next day. But don't kill yourself doing it. Because you need to be alive if you want to finish that book. Simple.


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