April 10, 2014

Research into the number of rejections

Dear M,

A major activity in a writer's life involves reading up on how famous authors were rejected a million times, how they suffered for a hundred years, how they struggled to get their work noticed, and when that happened, how they shot to fame.

The next activity in the aspiring author's life is to sit and wonder how long he has to go before he gets somewhere. How many rejections has he received so far, and how many more to go before he hits that threshold? How many years has he to struggle before someone notices him? He calculates the average number of rejections faced by the famous novelists, average number of years they struggled, and then he compares with his own numbers.

That's how far he needs to go to reach the bottom of the staircase, from where he can at least start climbing. So far whatever he has been doing is wandering left and right, and in all possible directions, seeking to find that magical, vanishing staircase.


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  1. Very true...
    Many famous books & authors have faced this. Think of Harry Potter & JK Rowling! Now international fame!
    Key is not to give up!

    1. Right you are. Reminds me that I haven't read any of her post-HP works.