April 1, 2014

A Surge of Stories

Dear M,

I don't know if all writers face this problem - a surge of story ideas. But of course they do. How can it be otherwise? Anyone who has tasted the exhilaration of completing a story would also know that the stories (or those that are disguised as stories) have a way of rushing on to us when we are quietly enjoying dinner with family or in the middle of the deepest of sleep.

We - hapless writers - have no idea if the story is good, if it is worthy of being explored, if it would abandon us like a bored lover a few days later, or if it would be the masterpiece we have been waiting for. Like everything else, if we need to find out if the idea is worth anything, we need to chase it, capture it, tame it and see it for what it is. Will it take us to the 80K mark? Will it emerge polished and beautiful like sculpture out of marble? Will it teach us a thing or two?

If we do not pursue the ideas that hit us headlong, we may never know what it could be.


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