August 24, 2013

Getting Inspired to Write

Dear M,

Have you ever wondered what or who inspires us to do things? Every day, many little things we do are the aftermath of someone's kind action or a smile or an encouraging word or an angry outburst. It could also be things like the rain or a puddle of water on the road or the squeals of children. It could be silence or an absence.

They say most emotions are unique to humans. I don't know if 'getting inspired' can be classified as an emotion. But it sure does feel like one. An intriguing and inexplicable one! I think everyone can inspire people around them.

A person inspired me to write recently, without even knowing how much I was inspired. I have not spoken much to this person or exchanged more than a few polite, casual words every time. But I have observed this person very well every time our paths cross. What came out of my writing was beautiful, I think. Because every time I read it, I feel it all over again. And if I feel it so intensely, a little of it might exude to the reader as well, I hope. The reader might also be reminded of someone they know. I hope.

A second person who inspired me recently was a lady I did not particularly like. A lady with a beautiful, though frozen and emotionless, face. I tried to imagine what her life must be like, is she as frozen inside as she is outside? I based my character out of her: but in my story, despite her frozenness, she is loved - maybe because I loved her as my character, though I do not particularly love the real person. I would rather avoid her in real life, but I could pamper her in my story.

I wonder if the inspiration thing is something that we are given, or is it something we find? Does it come to us of its own accord, or do we chance upon it only when (if) we go looking for it?


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