November 30, 2013

Experimental writing

Dear M,

Sometimes we have to write something we are not sure of, not very proud of, which we do not consider our best effort yet, just because those words came to us, and then toss it towards the world to see how it bounces back.

The more experimental or controversial it is, the more are the chances of unfriendly responses. If we consider it nothing more than an experiment, then no words (or reactions) can harm us. We could gauge the readers' behaviour, like a survey result based on a sample. There is so much we can learn from that. After all, we do write for the reader. How we provoke them, how we ignite them, how we soothe them, is our skill. We need to polish our skill, as well as keep testing to see if it is sharp enough. Deliver a bomb once in a while and see the reactions. If you have a blog, it becomes easier to do it.

Every once in a while we need to relax in our writing and forget about achieving perfection. Just let ourselves go with the flow. Write garbage and not worry about editing. Then publish, and let the world pick it to pieces. Snore.


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